The purpose of (CBSO for short) is to devote an hour of our time to fellowship with other Catholic Christians from around the world.  This page is devoted to the wonderful teachings of the Catholic faith, and to the followers of Christ's church here on Earth.  The format for this Bible Study podcast will consist of a 15 minute (or longer) recording from the great teachers of our faith.  The podcast recordings will consist of talks by Father Larry Richards, Scott Hahn, Kimberly Hahn, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, and many many more.  While listening to the recording you are invited to post your comments on our CBSO blog page or on our Twitter Page.   It is my hope that we can get together, in Christ, and dialogue about what we just heard.  This site is for believers of the Catholic faith and for those who have an open mind and heart to what we are discussing.   I do welcome and encourage non-Catholics to join our discussion and put in their input as well, however,  at no time will I allow vulgar or profane comments to enter this discussion.  If you are not here to Fellowship with other Catholic Christians or to listen to the opinions of others with an open heart and mind, then your comments will be deleted.